South Charleston High School Black Eagle Band

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Tribute to the Past

On May 5, 2011, as I was cleaning out a file cabinet to make room for some new music, I ran across an envelope on which was written "Old Band Pictures, Programs, Ratings Scores, Etc." As I opened this envelope, I was amazed to find in rather good condition a number of pictures and programs, as well as a couple score sheets from ratings and a poster. It is my goal to share these on this page as a tribute to those that have been a part of the South Charleston High School Band. Below you will find the pictures that I found and scanned. Eventually, I plan to scan some of the programs and other documents that were in the envelope to share here. I do ask that if you are able to identify any of the people in the pictures, or know what year some of these might have been taken, that you please contact me and let me know. I will update these as I get more information. Please enjoy.
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